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Organization Diagnostics

During organization diagnostics our consultants assess the problematic areas, and identify positive factors and resources. They structure and evaluate these, thus aiding the planning for the intervantion points in the organization development.

After processing the surveys we can point out those areas which influence commitment and motivation the most. These factors have a great impact on strategic planning, the maintaining of workers’ satisfaction and staff retention. Content workers are one of the key success factors within an organization.

Competency Measure ensures the organization provides, harmonizes, improves and recruits the most important competencies. We support your organization by surveying the extant competency management system or giving advice on the lack of one.

During 360 Degree Measure the participant gets to know themselves better through the feedbacks given. Evaluation contributes to the professional development of the individual. This is the only evaluating method that not only depends on the self-knowledge of the participant but the working circumstances and opinion-formers.

The aim of placement measures are to reveal the aspects of one’s own and others’ behavioural and cognitive features by comparing them. It allows for the creation of productive work relations, grows empathy, fosters the individual’s strength, and reveals the hidden talents of one’s coworkers.

Cooperation between the leader and employee it the main retention force for employees during Covid-19. This has been intensified during the pandemic when leaders and employees work together online. Studies and surveys showed that 60% of resignations were caused by the leader.

Setting the aim for contentment measure is a priority. First of all, it needs to be created, communicated and prepared differently depending on whether a situation evaluation or problem solving is desired. Moreover it is relevant what the organization uses the data for and how it is communicated within the organization. Choosing the appropriate method and aim, conducting the process, evaluating the results and setting options is a complex task in which our prepared and experienced consultants are ready to help.

We perform a salary guide survey according to the aspects given by the client, for example the circle of industries, sectors and enterprises regarding given positions and wages. We perform surveys via online questionnaires or phone calls. We forward results illustrated with diagrams and textual analysis to the client. We perform analysis and benchmarks in different topics with the same method, including company car, allowance, employer branding and other topics.

Development Centres and Assessment Centres evaluate candidates within the organization. It is a tool or method of evaluating and selecting coworkers and examines their leadership and interpersonal skills which can only appear by practice. Our experienced and knowledgeable concultants help to create and transact Assessment Centres that support organizational aims the most. In the latter case it means creating assessment programs, choosing assessment methods, determining roleplays, summarizing experiences alongside determining targets and required competencies.

During network researching our experienced consultants extract connections about the operation of the organization which are not created thoughtfully but influences the cooperation, performance and integration of new colleagues. These can be changed by improving organizational aims, values and strategic direction. For example: does organizational communication predominate through organization plan or through an other point? If through both of them, do these components compete or cooperate? How does decision making happen in reality and who are the negative and positive influencers? Before developing a decision-supporting system a network research is needed in order to reveal resistance and berriers. Taking network researching into consideration bases a successful organization transformation.

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